Potty Training (week one over)

Firstly the potty training was a last minute decision, although it has been a should I/shouldn’t I decision for a while it just sort of happened. You see Tom was adamant and determined we should leave it till he is 2 and his communicating is far better to the point he is saying far more sentences etc…. Where as I on the other hand who is with him mostly due to Tom working full time and I only work part time was considering it more, mostly because of him ripping his nappies off a lot especially last month and he had started to ask to use the potty, not so much in words just pointing at the potty. Although I could understand where Tom was coming from, it was costing us money, you see every month we buy 2 boxes of nappies and we usually have some left over into the next month but last month we had to buy a third box by the end of the month as he was ripping them off too often. I did allow him to use the potty when he asked, another reason we were reluctant to start was his nursery prefer to only start potty training children over the age of 2. So I thought I should bring up my concerns with them, explain our situation and see where this would take me, it turns out he has also been asking to go in the nursery too and they are all for helping us into the potty training.

So I started myself as last week Tom left to go away with work for a week and I thought I should start the potty training, I decided I wouldn’t take the nappies off him completely, they would still go on if we went out but most of the week we were home I would leave him half naked to run around the house. He took to the potty straight away he had no accidents at all last week, when we did this, however he does not seem to be going for a poo, a little concerned about this. Friday I decided to introduce his undies, as I was working Friday and Tom was away Tom’s mum came to mine and watched him for me but before I went to work John done 2 wee’s and pulled his undies down himself on the potty, however due to probably holding onto his poo he developed diahrea but I still allowed him to use the potty but had a nappy on a little often this day. However this weekend I introduced his pants with his undies all day Saturday he had no accident as he was put on the potty every 15minutes, I wasn’t getting my hopes up too quick though as he still only learning and I am glad I didn’t as he did his first 2 accidents today once early afternoon and one near to the end of the day. My dad took him for a walk earlier but put a nappy on him as he didn’t seem to be doing a poo and he done one in his nappy after this I noticed little bits when he went to the potty, so am just hoping he now starts to feel he can do this in the potty too, so no more nappies for him, only for naps and night time. Oh and he has also started say wee wee, he has been able to say this for a while even potty but refused to say them when needed.

Wish us luck as we go into our second week starting from tomorrow and his daddy will be back to help.



  1. Jenny paulin Said:

    I started potty training mI started potty training my 27 month old a week last Saturday and he has taken to it much better than I had hoped. I had been dreading it to be honest. Funnily enough it took Burton a couple of days to poo on the potty , he doesn’t like an audience we have since realised.
    Your boy is so clever being so young aswell he is doing so well xx

    • Well sounds like your little one is doing well too, I am glad I went with my instincts to potty train him though, as Tom didn’t want to. I felt he was ready after all we were going through nappies like his knows what because of him ripping them off. Thanks for your comment hun, it’s lovely xxxx

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