Potty training (week 2)

this is the potty he uses I bought from tjs he loves mickey mouse

So Monday has come and gone and began the second week of potty training is in full swing, as I mentioned in my last blog post he seemed to be avoiding do a poo on the potty. So yesterday when I caught John coming in from the kitchen with a towel he had gotten from the dirty washing to cover something, I decided to see what he was upto and the poor little thing was covering the poo on the floor with the towel, so I just said a firm ‘No, you must use potty’ and put him on the potty and he finished off and once he stood up and looked in the potty, his mouth and eyes were open wide with suprise he then said ‘WOW’ and clapped. Now I am just hoping this is a good sign and that he feels he can now go to the potty and poo as well as wee, he feels he can now poo too.

John has now gone to nursery and it’s his first day there with them continuing the potty training whilst he is there and I am actually extremely nervous. I’m more concerned still that it is too soon and early but he has done amazingly well, so perhaps I am doing right in doing it now as he has shown so much signs of being ready for this. Yet I feel so nervous, so excited at the same time and realising that my son is growing up far too fast. In the mean time, I’m off work, so am going to enjoy some peace and quiet and I am going to leave housework today and catch up on the vampire diaries so I can watch the third series.

Wish me luck with this on going potty training, I think I need it, totally!!!!


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