Potty training (week 2 over)

Bare with me, I am doing this on my iPhone, so there are bound to be far more mistakes than when I use a laptop.

Well as I explained on my potty training week 1 blog post was that I didn’t take him out of nappies completely just when he was home he went around with nothing on his bottom to get him used to the potty. Then the weekend introduced him to undies and pants and I have also been allowing him to pick which undies he wears out igglepiggle, Thomas the tank or mickey mouse and I have even started saying ‘Now u must wee on poor mickey mouse you must let mummy know when u need a wee wee or a poo poo’ he had at least one accident a day however this weekend he has had no accidents and is even letting me know when he needs a poo. He can pull his pants down he just takes his time and struggles a little so needs a little help, as this is the only reason he had a slight pooing accident today but otherwise I am one very very proud mummy. My job now mostly is to keep encouraging him and praising him but to also now teach him how to pull his pants down properly and pull his pants back up. I also need to encourage him now to say when e needs a poo, rather than point e still does this with weeing but as of today he has actually started saying mummy wee wee. My advice to any parent going through this especially for the first time, be patient, be calm and don’t shout ignore the accidents to some extent I found mostly though it I was clear rather than shout and got to their level and explained firmly that he mustn’t wee on the floor he must use the potty and also point whilst saying this to the spots your talking about I noticed he followed with his eyes and e does listen. I have to admit it is easy to get angry and annoyed when your child has an accident but it’s all part of learning but I can honestly say I don’t know how I did it when I was tempted but I never shouted once at him. I find it hard to praise myself but I have to say I was totally nervous and unsure about how to go about it was even tempted to get books on it but instead I did it and started it mostly on my own and I think I have done a brilliant job.

I don’t expect him to never have accidents from now on because again as I have said before he is still learning and so am I x



  1. Sounds like you have both cracked it. I haven’t shouted at Burton once the only thing I find frustrating us when he will insist on carrying the full potty over to me to show me!! Plus when upstairs he wants to flush the toilet (which is on top of the cistern which means having to get the step for him to stand on and then he keeps wanting to flush!) b doesn’t always make it to the potty with his poos but wees he is fine with.
    Well done to you and John again xx

    • Mine is wooden floor so John has only pushed it to show me once otherwise he gets my had and takes me to it lol. He has only had 2 pooing accidents over all, so is doing quite well. The tricky part is when we are out if he is walking he doesn’t tell us he needs it at mo so more practicing there! Overall he has done quite well, as for the pooin with your little one he will get there. I have noticed with John if he has a pooing accident he hasn’t done it all so I put him on potty and let him finish this is what seemed to help him understand a little more, so if this is the case try that and don’t wipe him straight away, you and he are doing brill xxxx

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