New year and my ivf journey starts

20120101-010652 PM.jpg

Well this year has a lot in store for me, I must diet as I want to make sure my bmi is right for me to start ivf. Yes this year will be my second journey of possibly having ivf. I am really praying and hoping that since I have been on my period for 3 weeks suffering severe pains and more my symptoms are pointing towards endometriosis, I’d this turns out to be the case it could put a hold on the whole ivf journey. So I am praying it won’t as either way it’s best I start sooner rather than later when it could possibly have worsened.

I also have a wedding to plan, lots of preparations to do. I am hoping this is a positive year for us and that we could possibly give John a miracle baby brother or sister just like he was and even though he is only a toddler, I tell him everyday how special he is what a miracle he is and how much he was wanted and I hope I can do the same for another baby a year down the line. They may not understand being so young but as soon as they are old enough I will explain things more fully, the one good thing about ivf my kids could never say to me as teenagers that they were never wanted because I would not have gone through hell to have them. John will know this and so will his new bro or sis when they get here.

This journey for me will start in february when we get the last results from the hospital to determine if ivf is still our best chance.

I have spoken to Tom and we have decided to stick at 2 kids as we couldn’t keep having ivf so I am hoping it works but we have also decided with all my health problems causing me to need ivf etc we have decided I may have to have a hysterectomy. I don’t want this but we are prepared for this to happen sometime in the future and that’s ok as long as I can at least have one more child.

I am wishing you all the best for 2012.


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