IVF update and Onwards

DSC_0086DSC_0077DSC_0137DSC_0171DSC_0189DSC_0189DSC_0256DSC_0344DSC_0370DSC_0453DSC_0465I haven’t written in over a year but I have had ivf which started in October 2012, well good news it was a successsm now carrying twins. I found out as of yesterday they are both a boy and a girl. John who is now 3 hasn’t wanted brothers, as according to him he is the only mummies boy but he took to finding it all out quite well. We took him to our scan to help prepare him for the babies, we havent pushed it on him and have let him talk about it when he is ready so as not to upset him too much but now and then dropped little reminders.

I also got married in Dec, thankfully my dress still went on over my bump lol. I am excited as I have so much happening and feel my family is going to be complete. I couldnt thank the staff at hewitt centre enough, they have done an amazing job helping us become parents once again. We are thankful in being able to have John and now we have twins on the way. It is terrifying as my last pregnancy and labour was not easy but I am excited. I am on aspirin to try to prevent pre-eclampsia again and I have also got spd again but its all worth it. My main fear is needing a c-section, that is unbearable for me the thought. I am terrified of having an epidural as a cousin of mine is paralysed down one whole side due to this.

Over all so much shopping to do, yet I have saved lots of money by having a good luck around and not jumping at whatever I see and I’m very proud of how much we are saving and will have some of our saved up money left to spend on clothes and some extras.

I am one proud mummy to one gorgeous boy and a proud mummy to be!

My first 2 pics are before I knew I was carrying twins at 7 weeks, I found out few days later. Myy first scan is 7 weeks and my second 12 weeks the next bump photo’s are of my bump at 18 weeks and my last picture is my 20 week scan of my gorgeous twins to be taken yesterday, when I found out I was going to become a mum to a girl and boy.

Will add some pics of my wedding too

bump at 7 weeks

bump again at 7 weeks

my first scan and twins

12 week scan of twins

18 weeks

18 weeks again

my 18 week bump covered

20 week scan boy and girl twins


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