Labour (over thinking things)

I have so many concerns, I’m not necessarily worrying about labour itself but I almost died in my last labour and this time I’m pregnant with twins. I still want a natural birth but people not exactly doctors or midwives but family are persuading me to have a Caesarian, something I really don’t want unless it needs to be done in an emergency. I am scared that something could go wrong but I’m more scared of needing an epidural, as a family member was paralysed after having it on one side but because it was put in the wrong place. I also hate the thought of having a needle stuck in the back at bottom of spine or wherever it is they put it. So I would rather have a natural birth if its possible than anything else.

I may be over thinking things but I feel I need to, in order to prepare myself for the worst case scenario but at the same time I find myself worrying and possibly even scaring myself. I have even imagined my husband and my son going on with life without me and never having even met my twins. This terrifies me more than anything else, like I said I can handle labour but I think its my thoughts and worries I can’t handle as they seem to be taking over my everyday life at this moment in time. Something I don’t feel I can talk to people about as I really don’t feel they would understand and that they would feel I was stupid and being pathetic even worrying over something that may or may not even happen.

Anyone else have dark and worryif thoughts like this, please do tell!



  1. Karen Bell Said:

    It is natural to be worrying a lot at the moment, especially if you had a hard time before. I spent a lot of my twin pregnancy worrying as I just couldn’t comprehend what a twin birth was going to be like. I went on to have a natural birth with both twins and one was even breech. Allow yourself to worry, but try not to let it take over. Twins are great! 🙂

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