Breastfeed Twins or Not?

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Well I have been doing alot of research on breastfeeding twins and I have decided I may give it a go. I’m a little unsure for numerous of reasons I was very ill with my son and was hooked to lots of drugs so couldn’t breastfeed straight away and when I did was only able to for 2 weeks coz the womb infection I had wasnt going with antibiotics I was on so was on 5 diff strong ones for 5 weeks in which case I had to stop breastfeeding. In the long run it was what was best for me. However the feeling of regret and so on doesnt help when midwives treat you differently because you are no longer breastfeeding, so straight away when my midwife asked me yesterday. I said I am going to try but if it doesn’t work then that’s it but I am going to give it a good try for as long as I can. It’s all I can do.

However I still keep thinking can I do it? Will I feel ok and comfortable doing it? Will it stress me out? These questions constantly running through my mind and to top it off despite stopping with my son after 2 weeks my milk was still there 6months on only then did it start drying up and stop being so sore and this sort of scare me as stupid and ridiculous as that may sound.

To top it off you have complete reminders and pressures not just from midwives but from leaflets and constant ads that remind you ‘Breast is best’ for some people who can’t as I mean genuinely can’t not because they don’t want to but because they have health reasons and so on, is this even wise? As I know it’s not nice to be made to feel guilty and these constant reminders and pressures can be hurtful. Like those that I have out above as an example

I agree breastfeeding is the best thing for a baby but I would never pressure someone to breastfeed if they felt they couldn’t, if they asked for advice I’d give it or if they felt upset for not being able to or continue doing so I’d offer support, not pressure, not force but be sure that they are doing what they feel is right for them. Some midwives need to be able to do this also some are but most aren’t even when a person has medical issues.

Any twin mums reading this I want advice because I am terrified at the thought of breastfeeding twins but also praying my health this time is much better in order for me to continue and at least TRY as all anyone can do is TRY!!!!


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